Possible paper for next year’s regional SBL

by hamiltonmj1983

I am starting to research for a paper to submit to next year’s regional SBL (either SE or Mid-Atlantic). Granted, it may have to be revised some depending on the call for papers, but this is my idea: I want to take the methodology applied to the book of Psalms in a dissertation (by my undergrad Hebrew prof, Dr. H. Wayne Ballard), and apply it to the book of Isaiah (possibly on a smaller scale, depending on the results of my research, such as Isaiah II or Isaiah III).

Dr. Ballard’s topic was identifying the “Divine Warrior Motif” in the book of Psalms. See Ballard, H. Wayne. The Divine Warrior Motif in the Psalms. BIBAL Dissertation Series. Texas: D. & F. Scott Publishing, 1999. He used two main criteria to identify divine warrior passages (see his book for the origination of these criteria): (1) Language, particularly militaristic language, when it applies to Yahweh as the subject or initiator of the action, and (2) Descriptive terms and literary forms used in ANE literature to describe the divine warrior in other cultures.

Following his methodology, I would apply this criteria to Isaiah by (a) locating the militaristic terms and divine warrior terms in the book of Isaiah, (2) plot the occurrences as they appear in Isaiah, and (c) determine where these terms occur, and locate the passages in which these terms are the most common, ruling out isolated occurrences. In doing so I should be able to locate the divine warrior passages in the book of Isaiah.

The next step would be determining how these occurrences are used.

Any thoughts on using this methodology, or this idea as a conference paper?