Survey of the NT – Progress Reports!

by hamiltonmj1983

I am putting together progress reports for my NT Survey students. I have to fudge a little, and basically say “If you do the same on your other papers as you did on your first, and do the same on your final as you did on your mid-term, then this is what your grade will look like.”

So far, grades are either A’s or F’s with maybe one C.

I fear that means that I have made the class too easy, and the only ones failing would fail no matter once. With the little bit of extra credit I have assigned, I even have a student over 100%, and she didn’t even do all of the extra credit.

This is my first class, and it is a learning experience for me as much as for them. I told them that I would be grading the later papers harsher than the first one, so that could affect the grades, but I think I should lay off the extra credit.

Any thoughts?