Is grace just? Or does forgiveness make God weak?

by hamiltonmj1983

This is a quote from something written on an online forum today:

How can I worship a God whose judgment isn’t eternal? The punishment is neither binding nor powerful and it means people can get away with doing whatever they want.

The Bible is clear that all of creation is a testament to God’s existence. If you miss out on God’s grace because of that, God is weak and a liar if he simply says “well, okay, you can come to heaven because you’re so sorry”. It contradicts the bible utterly and completely.

This was written in reference to a discussion that had been going on for over a week about Rob Bell’s new book. I was arguing that the position that a post-mortem opportunity for salvation should not be ruled out, and should certainly be hoped for by all Christians, even if I wasn’t ready to accept that position as certainty.

First off, how does anyone have the right to take away God’s right to forgive? If one suffers in hell for any period of time, then they are experiencing judgement, and if they are able to turn to God in repentance during this time, and God chooses to forgive them, who are we to say that this makes God weak or a liar? Isn’t forgiving those who don’t deserve it the point of the gospel anyway?

I don’t want to argue the plausibility of Bell’s idea of being saved after death. I just want to know how anyone could feel that they could call God weak if he chooses to forgive someone in their own time frame.

What do you think? Can God choose for himself when and where he forgives? Or is he limited to only forgiving according to our sensibilities?