New GRE? How will this affect getting into graduate programs?

by hamiltonmj1983

I decided that it was time to get the GRE done and over with (yes, I got into a Master’s program without doing the GRE), even though I don’t plan on applying for a PhD program for a couple of years. This way, I will have a few opportunities to take the test if I have a bad test day.

I also learned that the GRE is changing this year. Instead of being scored out of 800, it will instead be scored out of 170. They are also getting rid of those pesky analogies. I am excited about being one of the first to take the test, and want to take it soon after August 1st, when the changes go into effect.

I am curious, however, what effect this will have on students applying for grad schools. Some say that average scores will drop, but how will students who take the test after August 1st, and those who take it before, compare if applying to a school at the end of the year?

What do you all think of this? Any ideas?

Also, I decided to buy the Kaplan book to start studying, because I don’t know much about the GRE. I’m setting my goal at 1500 between the verbal and quantitative. Would you all advise using another book as well when I finish this one, or should I just stick with one study book? Thoughts?