Next Semester’s Text: “Brief Introduction to the Old Testament” by Coogan

by hamiltonmj1983

Has anyone else used this text? I know one person from twitter told me that his students felt that it was very dry. The alternative is what the full-time professor of religion is using, “Understanding the Bible,” by Harris. Although only $63 on Amazon, the Harris book is $93 in the bookstore. The Coogan book is under $50 on Amazon, and $54 in the bookstore, which I think is a good incentive to use it. The Harris book also covers the OT, NT, and Apocrypha, and the course is only an OT Survey.

Other than those reasons, I really have enjoyed what I have read by Coogan in the past. The way the chapters are set up with study questions at the end is helpful, and will give me easy assignments to ensure that the students are reading, in addition to the occasional reading quiz.

What do you all think of this text? Good, bad, ugly?