The End of the World…Tune in Next Time?

by hamiltonmj1983

The first thing I want to address is that I had a lot of laughs making fun of Harold Camping and his band of followers.

I probably had too many laughs. What I am doing now is praying for the people who fell for this stupidity.

People sold everything they had and gave the money to Camping to pay for this advertising campaign. Imagine this: you expect the end of the world to happen on a certain date, so you quite your job. Your spouse quits his/her job. You sell your house and car and all of the things that filled your house. You budget your life savings to run out on exactly May 21, 2011 (including your children’s college fund). You pull your kids out of school and drive around the country proclaiming judgment day.

Now, fast forward to May 22, 2011. What do you do? What is your mental state?

I pray that no one kills their self or others. I pray that people do not completely break down. I pray that if anyone has a friend or relative who fell for this nonsense, that they call them and talk to them tonight and again tomorrow, no matter how much they may have hurt you with their pre-May 21 actions.

The second thing I want to address is this: as far as end of the world prophecies go…why so many? As Jerry Walls, speaking on Talk of the Nation, said, we have two options. (1) a hopeful end to the planet, or (2) a hopeless, bleak outlook where everything is destroyed.

I think these people were looking for some sort of hope. The main point that I got out of this whole mess was that the church is failing to do what we should do best: bring hope to a lost and hurting world.

Harold Camping is a fool, but is his foolishness anyone’s fault but our own? If we had brought hope to the hopeless, would the hopeless have fallen for his lousy scheme?

The world did not end, but a lot of individual people’s worlds ended today. Let’s do what we can to show them real hope.