Could Jesus have been mistaken?

by hamiltonmj1983

A question asked in a blog-comment-conversation, stemming out of the debate over the historical Adam and Eve: if Jesus thought Genesis was an historical document, could he have been wrong?

The other party in the conversation agreed that if Paul thought Genesis was historically accurate about Adam and Eve, then Paul was wrong. Then he asked if Jesus was wrong if He felt that it was historically accurate.

My response was “I don’t know.”

Jesus was fully divine, but also fully human. Does it mean anything to be perfect if one does not have at least the possibility of failing or making a mistake? And does perfection mean without sin or does it mean always correct?

My other response was that I certainly feel as though the human writers of the gospel accounts could have made mistakes. The certainly altered the story for theological reasons. If Jesus is portrayed as believing in an historical Adam and Eve, there certainly is a possibility that this portrayal represents the beliefs of the writers of the gospels, and not of Christ Himself.