The International House of Prayer – A Cult?

by hamiltonmj1983

This article in the NY Times points out a few people who seem to think so.

I do not know that much about IHOP. I had a few friends in seminary who were very familiar with it, and spent quite a bit of time out there. I would love to hear their point of view on it, as well as anyone else who had contact with IHOP!

I am a firm believer in the power of prayer, but am opposed to some of the things these people stand for, such as the rallies, led by an associate of IHOP but not as a part of IHOP itself, in support of Prop 8. Also, I have a great deal of difficulty with the extreme emphasis on “end times” and made up ideas mentioned in the article, such as “seven years of bloody battles and disasters that will end with the Second Coming,” as well as the way that the bible college students are treated for questioning anything. I certainly hope that a college that behaves that way is not accredited.

What do you think? Please weigh in on this, I am certainly curious!