Old Testament Survey Exam 2!

by hamiltonmj1983

I just finished grading the second set of exams in my OT Survey course (excluding a couple of students who had permission to make up the exam late).

The class average before the curve is 54.5%.
The class average after the curve is 69.5%.

The class median before the curve is 62.5%.
The class median after the curve is 77.5%.

The highest grade before the curve is 85%.
The lowest grade before the curve is 16%.

Note, the class is VERY small, so the demographics are probable skewed a bit.

I think that I am pleased with the grades. The students that I knew would do good did pretty good, and the students that I was concerned with did not do well.

Knowing that I teach at a community college, and that most of my students have no desire to attain higher education beyond their AA degree, my goal is simply to teach these kids about the content of the text and a method to study the text beyond what is covered in class. I know that they all are not going to treat this as though it was their favorite class, and they certainly will not be A or B students.

Should I be discouraged or should I be satisfied with these exam results? How much of the grade is caused by my teaching and how much is caused by student effort / retention / learning ability / study habits?