More on the Authorship of Isaiah

by hamiltonmj1983

Alright. A number of people weighed in on my previous post, leading me to see that I did not exactly state the point of the post. I was trying to say that I feel that multiple authorship should be embraced as an extremely viable (I would even argue “dominant”) theory, and should be taught, by those calling themselves conservative or liberal, alongside other theories, such as single authorship (whether by Isaiah son of Amoz in the 8th century or by a Jew during the Hellenistic period). Studying multiple viewpoints is important!

The question of whether we have one author or multiple authors seems to have drawn attention. I would like to create some discussion in the next few days/weeks by writing a few more posts about this.

First, I will write a post detailing out all of the arguments (that I can find) for a single author of the book of Isaiah. I will need some help with this, so I really hope that you readers will respond to this post as well as the forthcoming post with ideas and helps, because I really don’t know of very many arguments for single authorship!

Second, I will write a post detailing all of the arguments (that I can find) for multiple authorship. Again, although I will know a bit more about this side of the coin, I ask for your help to point out any important arguments that I might miss.

Finally, I might create a third post just for discussion of the previous two.

I really am asking for help from my readers; I would very much like to have a great discussion forum here. Thank you in advance for participating!