Isaiah Discussion

by hamiltonmj1983

First off, I need to take a few days off from my Isaiah reading. I need to help the wife write a bible study on the book of Joshua. She does a great job, and really doesn’t need my help, but she asked so I’m willing! I will be posting my take on Joseph Blenkinsopp’s view of Isaiah in a few days!

In the meantime, there has not been a lot of response to either the first or the second posts about Isaiah authorship. I started this series because I felt that a few people had quite a bit to say about Isaiah authorship, and I had really hoped that this would spark a discussion!

I would ask that if you have a few minutes to spare, just read those two summaries that I have posted, and then come back to this discussion post and comment on your take. Do either of these first two views resonate with you? Why or why not? If just a few people would post their opinions, I feel that we could get a real discussion going! The purpose of this post is to provide a single entry point for comments. I know it might be confusing with multiple posts out there; which one should I comment in? Well, here you go! Post all Isaiah discussion comments here!

Thanks again, to all you who read and all you who respond! You make blogging exciting!