Merry Christmas!

by hamiltonmj1983

Hey everyone! Just thought I’d share that I just started a new Tumblr account to post pictures from the new camera that my wife and I bought each other for Christmas! You can find my page here.

Meanwhile, I will be out-of-town this next week (going to Nashville, TN for a conference [the Congress on Evangelism, to be exact]), and I am still helping my wife with a bible study on Joshua and proofreading all of her paperwork for ordination, so the Isaiah discussion is still on hold for now. I would really love it if some of you all would weigh in on the discussion! I made a post to be the main “discussion” post, so I hope you share your thoughts!

I hope you all had a merry Christmas, and I wish you the best as we start a new year! Thank you all for reading my blog!