Congress on Evangelism

by hamiltonmj1983

The wife and I (and the baby) are here in Nashville for the Congress on Evangelism. What is quite funny is there is actually another conference going on at the same time for some crazy televangelist guy in the same hotel!

I am going to try to post some thoughts on here about the conference over the next few days, but my job is basically baby-sitting duty. The wife is going to everything, because it counts as continuing education for her as a pastor. I am going to anything I can keep the baby quiet through!

My major thought, so far, is this: where are all the young people? I am about 99% sure that my wife and I are the youngest people attending this conference (we are both 28). The next youngest person that I saw is probably 40-ish. Where is the future of the Church?

More thoughts coming in the next few days!

Just curious, is anyone else reading this here in Nashville at the conference?