“The Bible is Not a Book of Moral Laws” or, “Why we DON’T need biblical values in our country”

by hamiltonmj1983

GREAT article in Christianity Today right here.


I am more and more impressed with CT coming out with some excellent articles! The beginning of this one was great in that the author came down pretty harsh on politicians trying to use the bible and call for a return to “biblical values”  in the United States.

One point that is hard for me is this: I completely agree with doing away with the conservative platform of “biblical values” (aka oppressing the poor, oppressing the disenfranchised, oppressing the weak, promoting big business). Up until now, I didn’t see a problem with the moderates and liberals using the phrase “biblical values” to promote social justice issues, because that cause is constantly championed in the bible. I do understand the point that the phrase should be returned to its context within the church, and I also am starting to see that “biblical values” is a rather empty if left just at these issues and not taken to its full realization through the life, death, and resurrection of Christ.

What do you all think?