Tim Tebow, I am Impressed

by hamiltonmj1983

Thanks for mentioning this, Dr. Jim West.

Tim Tebow has a foundation (like a lot of pro sports stars). Tim Tebow builds hospitals, works with and for orphans, and grants wishes for the terminally ill (like some other pro sports stars). Tim Tebow also pays all salaries and administrative costs out of his own pocket so that all the money raised can go to the outreach ministries of the foundation (like NOBODY ELSE THAT I KNOW OF).


That might be exaggerating, there may be a few other stars that fund their foundations out-of-pocket, but I haven’t heard of them.


Tim Tebow is not the most skilled starting quarterback in the NFL. He is, however, one of the youngest starting Quarterbacks in the NFL, which means he has a lot of room to grow. He also has more playoff wins than Matt Ryan (just sayin’).

But when other quarterbacks in the league are in the headlines for getting arrested, raping young women, and illicit drug use, I have to wonder why so many people complain about Tebow praying in the end zone. Really, America? Really?