More about Mark Driscoll and his Oppression of Women

by hamiltonmj1983

I recently posted about Mark Driscoll and an awkward quote that was floating around the interwebs. A great blog post that I ran across highlights some major points of an interview that Driscoll did in England. I recently commented on a popular Driscoll quote, and I am afraid that after reading and listening to this interview, most of the positive things I attempted to say about Driscoll have been washed away.

If our goal as Christians is to “make disciples,” and Driscoll’s goal is to make masculine men, who “work their jobs, eat their meat, [and] drink their beer,” then I am not sure that Driscoll is on the same page as the Christian faith!

Personally, my desire is that which I think is the closest to the desire of Christ. To steal Driscoll’s original quote structure and change around the wording:

“My desire as a Christian is to see churches raised up as communities of grace ruled by Jesus and led by his humble, servant hearted men and women, who daily put the needs of others before their own, oppose injustice, and be ever aware of the present Kingdom of God.”

Now, I am not saying that my desire is perfectly in line with the will of Christ. I am saying, however, that my hopes for the church come directly from my understanding of the teachings of Jesus. The quote put forth by Driscoll, again in my opinion, is misleading and corrupting a generation of young people by causing them to fight for masculinity, and not fight for Christ.

Here is another blog post I ran across by a fellow student during my time at Asbury about what it really means to be a man. It is really a great post, and after hearing the garbage that Driscoll spews forth about being a man, I recommend this particular blog post by Kaleb Heitzman to all my readers!