Most Amazing Exegetical Insight EVER (insert sarcasm here)

by hamiltonmj1983

Thanks to Cognitive Discopants for posting about this guy.

Have any of you heard of Joseph Prince? Click the link above, and the author at Cog-Dis will explain a little bit of background for you. I honestly thought that the above critique was too harsh (it is titled, “Exegesis: You are Doing it Wrong), but after watching the videos I am forced to agree with the critique.

Skip ahead in the video below to the 9-minute mark. You will learn about how the book of Luke foretold the Japanese tsunami and nuclear disaster! (cough cough)

Hint: the greek word ouranos does NOT mean uranium; it means Heaven. As far as I can tell, he didn’t receive any degrees in religion or biblical studies or ministry (although I could be wrong; I searched for about half an hour trying to find some background information on him to no avail). Maybe they ought to require a degree so you don’t get silly mix-ups, like confusing heaven with uranium?