Was Job a Fable or a Historical Tale?

by hamiltonmj1983

This is another blog that I ran across today. It does not contain much original content from the other, but it does quote a great deal of other material about the historicity of the book and character of Job.

Personally, I read the book of Job as a fable, and I cannot understand why people insist that Job was an actual, historical character. My question for all of you reading this is as follows: Do you think that the message of the book of Job loses its meaning if Job the man never existed in history?


The opening of Job immediately places severe challenges on the translator.  A split among translations is evident in the first few words, between those translators who view this story as a fairytale or parable (and try to translate the idiomatic Hebrew beginning of the story) and those who translate the prologue to the story as straight narrative.  A further split occurs in the notes in folk etymologies of the name “Job,” between those who view Job as an originally Hebrew story and those who think of it as a translation from another language.

Who is Job?  Where is he?  When is he?  What sort of story is this?

As part of my ongoing series examining the translations of the book of Job, here is a look at how different translators have rendered the opening words of the book.

One view is that Job is a non-Israelite and that this story…

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