Question Everything…

by hamiltonmj1983

I often comment that I think that we should engage in conversation and question everything, even that which we have held dear our entire lives.

This is a blog that someone posted to Facebook today that fully captures my take on this!

It fights the “slippery slope” argument that if you question one thing, you’ll end up throwing out the entire biblical text, your faith, and God himself. Too many Christians are stuck with a sinking faith because they never made it their own. If you do not question the faith you were raised with, you will never have anything but your parent’s faith, your pastor’s faith, or your friends’ faith. Instead, you need to question it, be challenged, and struggle through the difficult ideas in order to make your faith your own. Only through a process of questioning can a Christian grow. If you only listen to those who you already agree with, you might as well not be listening.