Sacred Cow Tipping

by hamiltonmj1983

A blog post by Eric Carpenter highlighted 6 “sacred cows” of the church of today, and how they do not line up with scripture. The 6 are as follows:

The Building

The Worship Service

The Weekly Offering

Salaried Pastors

The Sermon

Christmas and Easter Services

First of all, I will agree with Eric. These practices are not found in the New Testament “Acts” church or “Paul” churches.

Do you know what else was not in the NT churches? The New Testament. Nope, they did not have the bible that we have, only the Old Testament. Should we not use the NT in church, because it was not used in the “Acts” church?

Within the NT churches, you probably would not find hymns and organ music, “contemporary” music, communion (the way it is done now), reading of the creeds (they didn’t exist yet), or many of the other traditions that are celebrated in today’s church. Does that mean that we should do away with all of these?

I am here to tip another sacred cow: That everything we do in church needs to be based off the New Testament Acts and Pauline churches.

I argue all the time that we are abusing scripture when we rip it from the socio-historical context and immediately apply it to our own. By limiting our churches to only the things present in the book of Acts and the letters of Paul, we are doing that to an extent. I would argue that it is also wrong to rip our modern-day churches from our own socio-historical context and imagine them placed neatly between Corinth and Thessalonica in the 1st century CE!

I appreciate Eric Carpenter’s willingness to challenge sacred cows; that is a practice that most christians seem incapable of doing. I simply disagree with the majority of his results.


Edit: Here also is another response to one of the sacred cows!