Poor, Rich, or Everybody Else?

by hamiltonmj1983

I LOVE what Mrs. Metaphor has written here.

This particularly struck me: “It’s the mindset of separation that sticks to me, the thinking that because the poor are very poor they are not “us” and because the rich are very rich they are also not ‘us,'” as well as this, “I think that when we start believing that certain small segments of our population have no bearing on “the many” then we live in mighty dangerous territory.”

These comments made by Romney are the epitome of American individualism. We, in America, like to think of ourselves as being able to make it on our own, being individuals whose decisions are based around the ever important “me, myself, and I.” We have completely lost sight of the idea of community.

This is, especially and unfortunately, true in the church. How do we, as the church, stand up against “rugged individualism?” Should we (I would say yes)?

Think about it – what do YOU do to live communally with your family, neighbors, church family, and any others that you come in contact with daily. Do you focus on the “we” or only the “me?”

Thanks for posting a great blog, Mrs. Metaphor!

Mrs. Metaphor

I don’t really believe Mitt Romney is an alien from another planet. Truth be told, I don’t really believe my fellow Ohioan, John Boehner is an alien either although with his orange hue he puts on a convincing show, certainly. I do watch both men with a certain degree of fascination not because I think they might secretly be aliens but because they say and do the most interesting things, Mitt Romney in particular.

Now, given, it’s an election year, the guy is trying to get elected to the highest office in the United States. Of course statements are taken out of context and of course he is going to say weirdly interesting things. This is the one I ran across today-

“I’m not concerned about the very poor.” he said Wednesday. “We have a safety net there. If it needs repair, I’ll fix it. I’m not concerned about the…

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