by hamiltonmj1983

The idea of celebrating Sabbath as time to focus on God is fairly common in our churches. Most people assume that it should be done on Sunday, and an unfortunately large percentage of the church body assume that it is just Sunday morning.

I think that Sabbath can be celebrated any time. This week, from last night (Monday night) through Thursday morning, my wife has pastor’s convocation for the Holston conference of the United Methodist Church at Lake Junaluska, NC. The kid (who is almost 7 months old!) and I came along. We are renting an apartment for the week so we have plenty of room, and while she is attending meetings and workshops, I am hanging out with the kid, reading, writing, and working on my class (I do have to drive all the way back to Lebanon, VA to teach tonight).

I consider this a great opportunity to celebrate Sabbath! One might be confused – how can I work on a class that I am teaching and still consider it to be a Sabbath? Because studying the bible is an act of worship, and so is teaching the bible. This week I can focus on study and teaching and worshiping God.

How do you celebrate the Sabbath? Is it a “Sunday-only” kind of thing?