The Lexham Bible Dictionary

by hamiltonmj1983

The Lexham Bible Dictionary, a new project by Logos Bible Software, is currently being written by a number of scholars including Emanuel Tov, Mark Goodacre, Daniel B. Wallace, Walter Kaiser, Nijay Gupta, and many, many more. The purpose is to create a digital dictionary (that may later turn into a print or abridged version), that has links to outside sources and other information, expanding its use beyond that of a print dictionary (think of it like a peer-reviewed and edited Wikipedia with a focus on the bible).

The point of this post is not only to inform all of you wonderful readers about this upcoming resource, but also to shout with joy that I have been chosen to write two of the articles for this dictionary. I was sent some very basic outlines last night and am starting to work today on “The History of Mesopotamia,” and “The Canaanites.” I am incredibly excited, as this will be my first published work ever.

I currently have a stack of books on ANE history, Iraq and Mesopotamian history, history of Israel, and multiple other resources sitting on my desk, about two feet high. I also am planning a couple of day trips to the ETSU library as well as the UT Knoxville library in order to research some more. Luckily, I have ebscohost access through the library of Asbury Theological Seminary (great alum perks!), so I have access to a great deal of articles.

This is the first hardcore research I have done since I graduated almost two years ago, so needless to say, I am very, very excited!