100 Posts!

by hamiltonmj1983

This is my 100th blog post!

I could not decide what subject I wanted to be the focus of my 100th post, so I decided to just note the passing of 100 posts. I started this blog in March of last year, so have almost completed a year of blogging. I have had ups and downs, with 2 or 3 posts in one day and no posts at all in 5 or 6 days.

Blogging is not easy; it is fairly hard work to stick with it. I have a couple of blogs I am working on and intend to post shortly (I want to complete the series I was doing in the authorship of Isaiah, and I also have a response post to the biblical references to Adam and how people abuse those to call for an historical Adam).

Anyway, all of you who read my blog, thank you! This next year and these next 100 posts will contain more book reviews and hopefully more solid content. I want to possibly write a few more series, possibly on OT books and/or themes. I would love it if my few followers would reblog, tweet, and Google +1, and Facebook like any posts that you do like, because I would love to have a larger readership in order to actually have some conversation. The reason that my Isaiah discussion was put on hold was that a few people had expressed interest in the idea, but there was absolutely no discussion when I started the “conversation.”