Thought for the Day

by hamiltonmj1983

One of the main goals of the dictionary article I am writing, The History of Mesopotamia, is to point out where Mesopotamian history intersects with the history of Israel according to the biblical text. As a student of the bible, I had always just taken these texts for granted and never read more than a snippet of content from the ancient sources that had been clipped for a quote in a book or article.

Now, as I skim through ANET, reading the entire inscriptions that have one or two lines about an Israelite or Judean king allows me to see these quotes in context and it really just seems amazing to connect the dots.

I wish that I could read the inscriptions in the original languages. My language ability to reading ancient Hebrew and Aramaic, but only in block lettering. Christopher Rollston teaches less than an hour from where I live, anyone know if he’s taking students and offering full scholarships? Hehe.