30 Hour Famine

by hamiltonmj1983

The youth group at Abingdon United Methodist Church, where my wife is an associate pastor, is going to be participating in the 30-hour famine. For those of you who are not familiar with this event, it is an attempt to do a few important things:

(1) The youth will be standing in solidarity with the children around the world who will also not be eating during that 30 hour time period, although these hungry children are not doing it by choice, but because of extreme poverty.

(2) The youth will be raising awareness in the community to the problems that go on overseas as well as in our own towns and cities. People are dying because they do not have access to clean food or water, but many of our neighbors have no clue about the problems that go on every day.

(3) Finally, the youth will be raising money to help feed these children. The money goes to a variety of locations, including the Horn of Africa, Afghanistan, Burundi, Haiti, Malawi, Congo, Zimbabwe, Mongolia, and Pakistan. For every $30 raised, a child will be able to have access to food and water for a month. Doing the math, it would only take $360 to feed a child for a full year.

If every twitter follower I have gave only $5, then three children will not die this year because of hunger (the minimum to give on the website is $5). Please, I ask of you to at least go to this website and read it over and just consider giving $5 to this amazing cause. If you can give more, great. If you cannot give, I understand. All I ask is that you would please think it over. Thank you.