Colbert responds to Rush Limbaugh

by hamiltonmj1983

Warning: some of Colbert’s comments may be unsuitable for young or sensitive audiences:

Colbert responds to Rush Limbaugh‘s ridiculous comments made on the air about Sandra Fluke.

While I agree wholeheartedly with Colbert’s secular response to Limbaugh’s comments, I wish there was a better way to address the problem from a Christian perspective. I have not heard any Christians deal with this issue well, in that they either attack Limbaugh as the secular media has done, or they agree with Limbaugh (seriously? I could not take a person’s faith seriously if they actually had the audacity to defy everything that Jesus Christ taught and agree with Rush Limbaugh’s incendiary attack on the rights of a woman he does not even know).

How can we allow grace (even towards someone with views as inherently evil as Limbaugh’s) to happen while still criticizing his attack on Ms. Fluke?