Writing and Editing…Any Advice?

by hamiltonmj1983

Today I am working through the second draft of my dictionary article on “The History of Mesopotamia” with red pen in hand. I absolutely love to read and write, but I think that I might even love the editing process as much as I love the initial research and writing phase.

I am hoping that this post can be a starting point for brainstorming about the best ways to edit a paper. My process is simple: I read a hard copy of the paper with pen in hand, and I correct any spelling or grammatical errors as I come across them. I also circle and mark with a “?” any odd phrasing or easily misunderstood sentences. I then open up the document in word and make any corrections as I read through. Then I print out the corrected draft and start all over again.

How do you edit a paper? Do you use any specific technique or method? Do you have any ideas about how I might improve my method? Thanks!