Vanderbilt is now Restricting Religious Freedoms?

by hamiltonmj1983

Is Vanderbilt now restricting religious freedoms within the groups of registered student organizations? Check out this post over at Seedbed, written by Tish Harrison Warren, a campus minister at Vanderbilt’s Intervarsity Graduate Christian Fellowship, that details how Vanderbilt will no longer allow official religious organizations on campus require their leaders to affirm creeds or agree to a group’s particular doctrinal statements or commitments.

What do you think? Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

Honestly, this kind of thing confuses me. Why would someone want to be a leader of a religious organization if they disagreed with the doctrinal statements of that organization? Would it not make sense to simply join another organization that is a closer fit to their own stance? I don’t even see how this becomes an issue.