The Kingdom is Now

by hamiltonmj1983

The Resurrection of the Son of God, which we celebrate on Easter Sunday, is the single most important event in Christianity.

Everyone is familiar with the “sacrificial lamb” motif, and I do not desire to take away from that (it is extremely important), but I want to focus this brief note on something else that occurred with the Resurrection: The Inauguration of the Kingdom of God.

Most modern Christians understand the Kingdom of God to be something waiting for us in heaven (oftentimes the Gospels refer to it as the “Kingdom of Heaven”). I want to declare that, yes, the Kingdom of God is waiting for us in heaven, but it is also here right now.

When Christ said “the Kingdom is at hand,” he did not mean “up in heaven,” but that it was about to break into the world. The Kingdom is already here, and has been since Christ overcame death and rose from the grave. This is the famed “now but not yet” Kingdom, that we live in but also look forward to.

I was excited to see a music video by a popular band express this idea (to an extent).