Society of Biblical Literature Paper Proposal – ACCEPTED!

by hamiltonmj1983

I got a wonderful email today, the first paragraph I will post here:

Congratulations, your paper, Overcoming the Challenge of Under Prepared Students: Teaching Biblical Studies in a Community College Setting, was accepted for the 2012 Annual Meeting program unit Academic Teaching and Biblical Studies. The meeting will be held in Chicago, IL from 11/17/2012 to 11/20/2012.

This is my first conference paper (and I am particularly excited that I have the opportunity to present it at the annual SBL, even though I have not yet presented anything at a regional SBL!), and I am extremely excited for this opportunity (and more than a little bit nervous!). I now have 7 months to revise this paper over and over until it is ready to be presented!

If anyone has any advice for preparing a paper for a conference (and particularly preparing a paper that is not technical but instead is more of a hands-on, how-to type of paper), I would love to hear it! Thanks!