Finishing up the Semester…

by hamiltonmj1983

Tuesday night will be the final exam in my NT Survey course. This has been the best group of students I’ve had yet. The last unit test marked a first – a student got a 100%. While I am happy, proud, and excited, a little tiny part of me says “Oh no she didn’t!” and wants to amp up the last test, but I will refrain out of kindness.

This wraps up my third semester teaching (two semesters of NT and one semester of OT). When I picked my text for OT Survey, Coogan’s Brief Intro was perfect. I am certainly using it next semester. I have not had as much luck with the NT course. I inherited Kee as the text my first semester and absolutely hated it. I replaced it this semester with Ehrman’s book (he does make some offhand polemical remarks that get on my nerves). I need to find a good-but-not-confessional New Testament Intro that I can use in a community college (state funded schools don’t allow confessional approaches). Anybody have any ideas?

Also, I just received back my student survey results from my second semester, and they were up! My first semester I scored a 4.1 / 5, and my second semester I scored a 4.2 / 5. While part of me flinches from the fact that I couldn’t get a 5 / 5, I am actually told that students rating their instructor with a perfect rating is usually a bad sign. I only had two comments, unfortunately. One said that my tests were “insane,” and another complained that I “assigned too much work and didn’t take into account the possibility that some students work full time.”

I am excited to be closing out another semester, and I am absolutely loving teaching! I cannot wait for another semester of OT in the fall!