What did Jesus Know?

by hamiltonmj1983

I am currently reading a book to review for RSR entitled Psychological Analyses and the Historical Jesus, by Bas Van Os. I am about 120 pages into it, and it has raised some interesting questions for me. It seems to be a more conservative take on the “Historical Jesus” movement, and involves a great deal of sociological, historical-critical, and psychological research into first century Palestine, early Christianity, and especially the resurrection witnesses mentioned by Paul in Corinthians.

My main question is brought about by the view in the book of Jesus as a human being. I affirm that Jesus was both fully God and fully human, a paradox of the highest caliber, in my opinion. Being fully human means that Jesus learned things just like we did. Being fully God meant that he had to have, to some extent, a higher knowledge. At what point do these overlap, and assuming he was born, grew up as a child into a young adult, and learned just as his peers did, at what point did he know that he was God? At his baptism? Prior to that? This question may not even be answerable, but it is certainly interesting!