Review of “The Fourth Fisherman”

by hamiltonmj1983

Joe Kissack’s The Fourth Fisherman is a non-fiction novel. Half of the story is written in the first person in an autobiographical format, while the other half is written in the third person about Mexican fishermen lost at sea.

Without giving away the story, I will say that the message behind this book is meaningful and Joe Kissack is extremely passionate. Unfortunately, the writing is not up to the same standard as the author’s passion – there is a reason why he was in television, not publishing. Full of cliches, stereotypes, and generalizations, I felt as though I was reading a novel written for middle schoolers. I don’t mean to be harsh, but the quality of writing was just absent from this book.

Kissack does do an interesting job of weaving his own story together with the story of the fisherman. At times, it cuts you off at a very interesting point in one story, so that you spend the next chapter trying to rush through to get back to the other story. At other points, I needed the change of pace as I switched from his story to the story of the fishermen.

I recommend this book to those who look for a good message without needing to read high quality writing, but recommend those who enjoy good writing to stay away from this one.


Thanks to the Blogging for Books program and WaterBrook Press for the free review copy of The Fourth Fisherman in exchange for an honest review.