by hamiltonmj1983

This Pentecost Sunday, I want to draw attention to the fact that Acts 2 is not the only coming of the Holy Spirit! It is easy to say “I was not there, how could I ever have the impact that those first disciples had?” or “Nothing like that has ever happened to me!”

The most influential person of the New Testament, aside from Jesus himself, was also not present at Pentecost: the Apostle Paul. He encountered Jesus on the Damascus road, much later. He, too, was not present, nor did he have “tongues of fire” appear and rest on him! Much like you and I, Paul had a personal, semi-private encounter with the living Christ. Through this, he was empowered by the Holy Spirit to “Go and Do.”

If you went to church this morning, I am willing to bet that you probably heard a sermon about the events that took place in Acts 2. I encourage you, this afternoon, to take the time to read Acts 9:1-19 and realize that the coming of the Holy Spirit was not limited to Pentecost, but that the Holy Spirit may come whenever God so pleases.