More on the Origin Debate

by hamiltonmj1983

I know this is a topic that I’ve covered many times, but it just appears to be a very popular subject right now. Christianity Today has published another article recently about the origins of humankind and the literal readings of Genesis. I recently finished reading and reviewing Peter Enns’ “The Evolution of Adam: What the Bible Does and Doesn’t Say about Human Origins” for Reviews in Religion and Theology (I think that it will be published in their first issue of 2013).

I want to know this – if Adam doesn’t exist, what do we lose? Enns discusses the Adam found in Genesis versus the Adam found in Paul’s writings, and it is pretty clear that Paul is using extra-biblical sources to create his understanding of Adam. In addition, the inclusion of Adam in Paul’s writings does not affect his main argument; getting rid of Adam does not get rid of original sin. Original sin is an obvious part of the world around us, and Paul’s argument concerns God’s answer to the problem of original sin (Jesus!), and whether or not sin originated in Adam does not change that fact.

So, what is lost if Adam didn’t exist? Is it simply that people don’t want to admit that Paul was a fallible human being, like everyone else?

Let’s discuss this! What do you think?