Blog Tour: Review of “Francis Schaeffer” by Mostyn Roberts

by hamiltonmj1983

Roberts, Mostyn. Francis Schaeffer. Darlington, England: EP Books, 2012. 144 pgs., paperback, $14.99.

Reading this biography was the first time I’ve read anything about Francis Schaeffer. At 144 pages, the author, Mostyn Roberts, moves the reader very quickly through the life of Schaeffer. The book can easily be divided into two major parts, chapters 1 through 9, which cover the history of Schaeffer’s life, and chapters 10 through 13, which cover the work of Schaeffer. Most of the chapters about Schaeffer’s life are 6 to 8 pages, while the later chapters average about 12 pages each.

The first 9 chapters, discussing Schaeffer’s life, move the reader along at a rather quick pace, stopping here and there for stories and anecdotes about Schaeffer’s life. Roberts does an excellent job of keeping the reader interested in the story while somehow managing to keep the book under 150 pages. The final 4 chapters, “Schaeffer’s Teachings,” “Schaeffer’s Apologetics,” “Films, Politics and the Final Battle,” and “Schaeffer’s Legacy,” move at a much slower pace. I probably spent more time reading the final 4 chapters than I did reading the first 9.

Ultimately, I disagree with a great deal of Schaeffer’s teachings and thoughts. The two issues that particularly irk me are his teachings on the doctrine of Creation and his schismatic mindset and desire to separate himself from other Christians who approach the Bible in a different way than himself. Roberts’ biography of Schaeffer, however, has allowed me to appreciate the good that Schaeffer did in his life over the disagreements that I have with him theologically. What I really took away from this book was the opportunity to see the good in an intellectual opponent that I would not have seen if I had focused solely on his theology.

Thanks to Cross Focused Reviews for a free copy of Francis Schaeffer, by Mostyn Roberts, in exchange for a fair and unbiased review.