AiG Responds to Peter Enns

by hamiltonmj1983

Which means that I owe an apology to the staff at Answers in Genesis for a comment that I made in a previous post. I said the following:

“I would not be surprised, unfortunately, if Ken Ham and the rest of the guys at Answers in Genesis ignore this criticism and refuse to engage with any ideas outside of their own minority view.”

And I was wrong. As Mark Looy, staff member at AiG, informed me, a response was written and posted to Enns’ blog post. In the spirit of full disclosure, I read AiG’s response, and I disagree with both their premises and their conclusions. I will also leave it up to you, the reader, as to whether this is a “critical engagement” or not (giving a response the title, “Mutilating God’s Word,” doesn’t quite ring of responsible, critical engagement).

What they did do, however, is respond, and that means that I was wrong. I made an unfair comment, and for that I am sorry. I wonder if Dr. Peter Enns will respond in turn?