Is Biblioblogdom Dead?

by hamiltonmj1983

I have not posted on this blog in almost seven months. There are numerous reasons for this, but one really sticks out for me. The more I wanted to be a “biblioblog,” the more I realized that what I was doing was not similar at all to the biblioblogs out there. I wanted to be recognized for my blog, which is a pretty ridiculous goal once I realized it. So I stopped blogging completely. I focused my energies elsewhere, particularly on finishing this second MA program and providing a living to keep the lights on and my wife and son happy!

Recently, Jim West posted a blog entitled, “The Death of Biblioblogdom.” He essentially argued that biblioblogging began with honorable intentions, but soon grew to such an extent that every graduate student (read: me) jumped on the bandwagon in hopes of interacting with people in the field and making a name for his or her self. I realized that this is EXACTLY what I had been doing. I am no expert. Receiving a BA in Religion and a MA in Biblical Studies does not make me knowledgable; at best it makes me teachable. I used the internet platform to yell at the top of my lungs on topics completely unrelated to my field of study. I might post here and there about something I was doing or writing, on occasion, but for the most part I would whine about Mark Driscoll or some other crazy thing said in the Church that was getting headlines. Why? Because that was what people were searching for, and instead of focusing on actually doing research and writing and improving my skill at these, I wanted attention.

My problem now, however, is that I have completely stopped blogging and I miss it. I enjoyed blogging, and I feel as though I could improve my writing skills through blogging. I do not want to do it just to “be popular,” because that is ridiculous. I want to have an outlet for writing and thoughts, and I am going to use my blog for that. My writing and thoughts are focused around the Bible and theology, so it could technically be considered a “Biblioblog,” but whether others consider this to be that is not my problem.

Is Biblioblogdom dead? I really do not think so. I just think that it needs a new identity. Just like my blog needs a new identity.