Allusion and Intertextuality: Pondering my Thesis

by hamiltonmj1983

This semester is my semester to prepare for my thesis. I am taking 6 hours of independent study; 3 hours of readings towards the thesis and writing a 30-35 page lit review, and 3 hours of a “research methods” course that will culminate in a 10-15 page prospectus detailing the thesis. I will enroll in 6 hours next semester to actually write the thesis.

My leanings so far have been towards the idea of intertextuality and illusion between the Hebrew Bible and various Ancient Near Eastern sources. This has stemmed out of my previous research (mostly done in the time in between completing my first MA and starting my second MA), including a regional SECSOR paper and a paper given at the annual SBL in Baltimore last year, primarily dealing with the divine warrior motif and its use in the Hebrew Bible.

For my thesis, I hope to begin to develop a “theology of intertextuality,” and specifically focus on how ancient materials are appropriated and put to use (Jeremy Hutton, who I am not familiar with, has written a paper dealing with one specific case, calling it “the rhetorical appropriation and subversion of hostile theologies”).

I hope to use the space on this blog to flesh out some ideas and work out how the work of various authors interact as I read and research this topic.