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Lazy Summer

My blog entries this summer have been much less frequent than I had hoped. I do not think that it is all bad, however. I am working on a couple of writing projects, as well as continuing to write book reviews.

I am nearing the deadline (the end of next month) for my entires in the Lexham Bible Dictionary, which include “The History of Israel (Monarchic Period),” “Phoenicia, History of,” “Phoenicia, Geography and Demographics of,” and “Phoenicia, Culture and Religion of.” These are in addition to my previous entries, “History of Mesopotamia,” and “The Canaanites.”

I am finishing up reading Biblical Hebrew Grammar Visualized, by Fancis I. Anderson and A. Dean Forbes, in order to review it for JESOT. I am also finishing up and revising a few reviews that are going to be published in Bible Study Magazine this fall and winter.

I am editing and revising my paper which has been accepted for the Academic Teaching and Biblical Studies section at SBL 2012 in Chicago this coming November. The title of my paper is “Overcoming the Challenge of Underprepared Students: Teaching Biblical Studies in a Community College Setting.”

And finally, I am looking for a job! I’ve had two interviews in the past two weeks, and while I have received one rejection letter, I am holding out hope for the other job!

Needless to say, this summer has been pretty busy so far, and I am alright not writing a blog every other day, as I had been in the past, because I just don’t have time.


I Love Free Books!

Just received this one in the mail today:

Smith, Christopher R. Job. “Understanding the Books of the Bible” series. IVP Press, August 2012. 144 pages. $10.00.

This one is to be reviewed for Bible Study Magazine. I love the opportunity to read and review books, and it is especially cool when the book has yet to be released and I get these fancy preview copies! Ha!

Thanks to Bible Study Magazine for the opportunity to review for them!