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Job Searching in Higher Education

According to a recent NPR story, the “Private Education” job sector (which includes private colleges and universities) is one of the best job sectors to be in.

That is promising for myself; I have been looking for a job in higher ed for two years now, and although I have had plenty of interviews, I have yet to find a job outside of adjunct teaching.

So, where is all of this “Private Education” job growth? Anybody care to point me in the right direction?


Evolution, Intelligent Design, Creationism, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, and Obama

I found a very interesting and informative piece on the evolution debates going on in various state legislatures as well as among the GOP candidates.

This place in to a bit of what we’ve talked about here on this blog lately, namely the historicity of the Genesis story.

I would ask that you all would read this piece about the evolution debates and come back there. There are many of you who disagree with me on the historicity of Genesis. I do not take science into account in my reasoning about Genesis, but many other people do, arguing that evolution disproves the Genesis narrative.

After you read this article and come back, I want you to post your response in comments; do you agree with the legislation that is attempting to get intelligent design taught next to evolution in public schools? How about those states that are attempting to get the extremely non-scientific creationism taught in schools? What do you think?